To stop foreclosures to get back repossessed vehicles to catch up on mortgage or car payments to inexpensively remove 2nd mortgages(when available)



1. Initial need by potential client to explore bankruptcy options (MD foreclosure, repossession, lawsuit, wage or bank garnishment, harassing phone calls, terrible credit score, need for a fresh start, etc.)

12 Reasons

12 Reasons

1. It is all about getting you a fresh start I am totally committed to making the bankruptcy law work for you in the cheapest, quickest, best way for your life.



The actual name of Chapter13 bankruptcy is that of a wage earner's repayment plan to face their personal debt. The idea makes it possible for individuals but not businesses with definite income to ascertain...

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MD BANKRUPTCY ATORNEY, MR HOLMQUIST is your best chance to get a fresh start. The $599 fee includes your legal fee (what you pay the lawyers to represent you) and your 2 bankruptcy courses for under $599! The only other cost is your filling fee: Chapter 7, $306: Chapter 13 $281. Mr. Holmquist is a Maryland bankruptcy lawyer only and does not practice other types of law. He has worked on thousands of cases including chapter 7 and chapter 13. If you are looking to have your case handled properly, need or would like to save money on your legal fees, and want to convenient process that saves you travel time, gas and money, we are your only logical choice!

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