12 Reasons

1. It is all about getting you a fresh start

I am totally committed to making the bankruptcy law work for you in the cheapest, quickest, best way for your life.


2. Value for your money

Our fees to file a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy will literally save you hundreds of dollars-money you need in your financial circumstances. $599 for individual filing includes lawyers fee and bankruptcy course costs!

3.Convenience for your life

Because we represent clients throughout the State of Maryland, our process that we have developed in handling hundreds of cases over the past several years, allows you to remain in the comfort of your home or work while we work on your case. The only place you will have to go to is your hearing called a creditors meeting or 341 meeting. We will attend the hearing with you. With our process, you save time, gas, travel, and money!

4. Creative Solutions to your debt problems.

With full knowledge of the current bankruptcy law and practice in MD, I can create the best solution available for your debt problems.

5. Complete Bankruptcy Representation

From initial consultation to completion of your case, I will work to accommodate your needs in the process.

6. Professional Representation

I am in numerous bankruptcy proceedings each week before Bankruptcy judges and Trustees and I uphold standards of excellence in the representation of my clients.

7.Innovative Representation

I endeavor to be forward thinking and proactive to give the client the very best service and advice.

8. Quality Legal Services

I pride myself on attention to detail through the entirety of your case, giving you  a quality bankruptcy result at an incredibly inexpensive and affordable fee.

9. Excellent Communication

You will be kept up to date by phone, letter, email, and text to you will never be kept wondering.


Having worked in the Bankruptcy field for the past 15 years with the busiest bankruptcy firms in the State's history, I have worked on 1000's of cases, giving me the skills and ability to complete your bankruptcy case in the best way for you.

11. Integrity

I uphold high standards of honesty and integrity which is indicated by all of my dealings with United States Bankruptcy Judges for MD as well as United States Trustees and all court personnel.

12. Referrals

A very healthy percentage of our new business comes from our clients referring their friends and family to our practice to help them with their debt issues. This is the highest compliment that our clients can pay and they do so very often, of which I am extremely grateful.