CHAPTER 13 & 7


(Usual fee to file individual case: $540 +$310 filing fee)

Why file chapter 13?
  • to stop foreclosures
  • to get back repossessed vehicles
  • to catch up on mortgage or car payments
  • to inexpensively remove 2nd mortgages(when available)
  • to stop creditors if you have filed chapter 7 in past 8 years
  • to repay taxes or fines over a 5 year period
  • to help with your debts when you don't qualify for chapter 7
  • to stave off or push back unreasonable student loan payments
  • to keep property that would be taken in a chapter 7
  • to protect a co-debtor on a debt with you and you want to protect person
  • you want to repay your debts without interest while protected by the court


(Usual fee for indiv. $525+ $335 filing fee)

Reasons to file chapter 7?
  • you are only making the minimum payments to your credit card companies
  • collectors are calling you at home, at work, or are calling your family members
  • you live in fear of the phone ringing
  • you are using your credit cards to pay for living expenses
  • you wonder if you should consolidate your debts
  • you don't own a lot of property or have equity in cars or houses
  • you want to buy a house but can't due to your credit